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I first envisioned the MagLOCK adjustable bike pedal binding system back in the summer of 2009 while riding in Aliso Woods Park near Laguna Nigel, California. Previously I had grown up mountain biking in Utah, all the time avoiding clip in pedals that (in my young mind) were likely to lead to perilous death.  However I had decided that summer of 2009 that it was time to get clipless pedals after one too many times of getting unexpected air off of a roller and landing painfully on my cross bar.  My posterity and I cried all the way home.  Soon enough I had a new pair of shiny clipless pedals.

I had expected that clipping into my pedals for the first time would be a breeze for me, since I had already been biking for many years.  I was wrong!  Granted I enjoyed the added power they gave me for climbing.  But my experience was not completely pleasant.  My maiden voyage with the clipless pedals at Peters Canyon in Orange, California proved this when I stopped to unclip on the asphalt path.  I was pulling gravel out of my wounds after untangling my body from my bike.  But the desire to design a better pedal occurred at Aliso Woods Park a couple weeks later while riding with my friend.   He couldn't stop laughing after I toppled over again on my bike, this time while trying to climb up a rock garden.  Thankfully there was no asphalt to fall on.  Instead I slid head first down a sand hill next to the trail right into a cactus patch.  But I've got to give it to the clipless pedals for doing their job well - my bike stayed attached to my feet all the way to the bottom of the hill.

How could I reap the benefits of having my feet attached to my pedals without enduring the pains that clipless pedals can cause?  The MagLOCK bike pedal was born!  From applying my skills as a mechanical engineer for medical devices, I decided to put my new idea to work. After testing the concept with multiple prototypes I machined out of aluminum or laser cut out of plastic, I knew I had something good.  Therefore countless hours of engineering research and design bring you the MagLOCK bike pedal.

                                                                                                                                                                  -Dave Williams, Inventor