"Received the pedals yesterday, they look better than I expected! I installed them and went to a local trail to test them...they're awesome! My friends were looking at them and couldn't believe it, they worked flawlessly. Thanks for making this marvelous product.”

Jose, Puerto Rico

“Sensations after test are so great, it's like magic, 360° pedaling and free to stop on any moment with no problems of being captured."

Tito, Spain

"I just installed my pedals today! My first impression is that they are AMAZING! I had no trouble staying "in" the pedals in spite of pulling up really hard to climb a big hill here in Seattle. I just ordered a second set of plates for my other bike shoes since I am now all in with these... Thanks again for a great product. I look forward to much more flexible morning and afternoon rides to and from work!”

Chris, Seattle

"After back surgery three years ago I had to give up my clipless pedals and shoe cleats because I can no longer twist my left foot with enough strength or sufficient motion to detach from the clipless pedals... My new MagLOCK pedals are great!! Much better than the toe clips and ...... I can easily twist/slide off the pedal on my weak side!"

Dave, Texas

"I was surprised by the strength of the magnets...too strong to start. I took out 4 magnets per pedal for faster unlocking..."

Seb, Cambodia

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