MagLOCK Ambassadors

Our riders are the heart and soul of our business. For this reason we are looking for a select number of passionate riders to be brand ambassadors. These ambassadors help promote our brand and demonstrate our slogan "You Rule Your Bike."



  • Discounts on MagLOCK products for yourself, friends, and family!
  • A unique discount code for your Instagram followers.
  • You get 10% of all sales you generate through your unique discount code (this can be paid out to you via a monthly PayPal / Venmo payment or MagLOCK store credit).
  • Access to MagLOCK news and employees.
  • Advanced notification of new products, campaigns, and content.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the MagLOCK engineering team on product improvements and development.
  • Excuse to make your biking passion a bona fide "job" that you can tell your mom about.


  • Be pumped about biking and stay on top of all the biking tech.
  • Be passionate about the MagLOCK products.
  • Own a public Instagram account.
  • Post an unboxing photo or video when you first get the pedals and mount them on your bike.
  • Post a review of the pedals after riding them a few times to get adjusted and fine tune them to your style.
  • Post an action or product photo with the pedals on Instagram and Facebook at least twice a month (ideally every ride).
  • Promote the pedals as often as possible through social media and personal interactions with shops and riders.
  • Be professional in your interactions with those around you.
  • Be responsive to communication from MagLOCK.
  • Commit to be a MagLOCK ambassador for at least one term (3 months).
  • Be open about your affiliation with MagLOCK.
  • Cannot represent a competing bike pedal brand.
  • Ride as often as possible.
  • Provide feedback to the MagLOCK engineering team on product improvements.


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