Flexible Shoe Clips

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Does the sound of your clips crunching on the asphalt as you walk around drive you crazy? If so you'll love these flexible shoe clips. The compliant layer allows the shoe clip to retract into the shoe when walking so that it's much easier and quieter* to walk around. These shoe clips are compatible with SPD (two-bolt hole) bike shoes.

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Product Specifications

  • QTY: 2 shoe clips sets w/ 4 flat head screws
  • One set consists of 1 base and 1 compliant layer
  • Material: Alloy steel / polyurethane
  • Finish: Black Oxide coating
  • Weight: 95 g each

*Disclaimer: the effectiveness of the flexible shoe clips is dependent on the geometry of the shoe soles. MagLOCK Bike Pedal does not guarantee that all noise and discomfort will be eliminated by using the flexible shoe clips.